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BOYZ II MEN Upcoming music Concert.

by Ezeribe Chibuike 20 Mar, 2019 21 0

Boys II Men - originally made up of Michael McCary, Nathan Morris, Wayna Morris and Shawn Stockman - are an R&B vocal group from America, who found fame during the 1990s with Motown Records.

Their style of music includes emotional ballads and Acapella styles. During the 1990s the group found international stardom after the release of their first number one single "End of the Road" in 1992. They are amongst the biggest names in Acappella and R&B.

The crew are making a return to Birmingham to host a music concert that promises to be the finest of all music concert .


16-18 Horsefair, Bristol Street B1 1DB Birmingham, UK 0121 622 8250

buy ticket online @

The group were formerly known and started out as 'Unique Attraction', which started when two of the members started performing together at their High School. Some members joined and left throughout the early years, but with their permanent group members finally together, they changed their name to Boyz II Men.

For over 20 years, Boyz II Men have been wooing females of all ages with songs asking for forgiveness over a mistake they made or how they want to not just have sex but actually make love later that night.

Once a foursome, the current trio, composed of Nathan and Wanya Morris along with Shawn Stockman, is continuing to make the ladies swoon with their hits and are ready to release a new album entitled, ‘Collide.’ But no matter what material the release in the future, Boyz II Men are still the guys from Philly who harmonize so beautifully that it hurts. And although they are much older these days, they haven’t lost that sweet and swoon-worthiness, especially during their shows.

While they used to headline tours, they have recently entered the boy band reunion circuit, joining 98 Degrees and New Kids on the Block. Being the show’s opener, their set was filled with their hits. While some might want something new, this night was made for nostalgia. So playing the hits was a must, and they did such a great job. On songs like "On Bended Knee" and "End of the Road" tugged at my heart strings and brought me back to the time I was at my primary school dance. But I knew I wasn’t alone.


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